Bolder, brighter digital news

Welcome to the new Wimmera Mail Times website.

Today marks another exciting step in the delivery of better digital media content in our communities and beyond.

The new website has been designed with our readers in mind - it features enhanced picture and story presentation to provide a better user experience.

One of the great assets of the new website is that we can now present picture galleries - perhaps one of the most popular sections of any multi-media platform - in a bigger and better format for readers to enjoy.

Rest assured, those who still love the feel of turning pages and getting a little ink on the fingers reading a newspaper each day, we remain committed to delivering and improving our printed product.

This new website is the 'base model' and what's exciting is that in coming months readers will see more developments and sections appear.

Media delivery is now about 'choice' and the Wimmera Mail Times is committed to providing quality and trusted content through traditional and rapidly-developing digital platforms. 

Please share your thoughts through the 'your feedback' link in the top right corner. 

We hope you like our new website format. 

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