Horsham pupils learn about the four Rs

HORSHAM Primary School children learnt about sustainability tips for the home with a guest presenter yesterday.

LaVergne Lehmann of Grampians Regional Waste Management Group visited grade one and two pupils at the school's 298 campus.

The presentation was part of a sustainability component of the school's science program.

Science teacher Jane McLean said children were learning about the four Rs.

"Reuse, rethink, recycle and reduce waste," she said.

"The children always get very excited when they have a special guest.

"They looked at how they can sort out recyclables into different sections and what products can be recycled.

"They looked at things that we can reuse, for example, giving clothes to charity, and food composting for our vegie garden.

"LaVergne brought a model of a sustainable house and the children had magnets which they fitted into parts of the home.

"For example, putting blinds and curtains on windows helps to retain heat."

Mrs McLean said pupils would next learn about 'nude food', which meant bringing food to school which was not in plastic wrap.

"It's about reducing waste," she said.

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