Horsham family empowers Nepalese women, children

A HORSHAM family is empowering Nepalese women and children to lead better lives through providing access to healthcare and education.

Ian and Julie Adams, their daughters Melissa Noordan and Emily Lukazsewski and Emily’s husband Dan will spend three weeks in the Kathmandu suburb of Kopan during the Christmas and New Year period.

The Horsham residents will help Nepalese children learn English and improve their reading and computer skills.

Mrs Adams said they would help out with a school holiday program through the Bright Futures Foundation.

“They have a caste system in Nepal, so access to education gives these children a future,” she said.

During a previous trip in October, the family assisted with a before and after school program and helped set up a women’s gym.

“Women over there don’t have any concept about what’s happening with their bodies,” Mrs Adams said.

“The gym is like a rehabilitation centre as well. 

“The women are able to have their blood pressure tested and get checked for diabetes, which is a big problem there.”

The Lukazsewskis have been selling Christmas cards made by Nepalese children at their Horsham restaurant Bonnie and Clyde’s.

They have raised almost $300 in the process, which will be shared among the children.

Mr Lukazsewski said he and his wife would bring back Nepalese blankets to sell so they can raise money to send back to Nepal.

He said Bonnie and Clyde’s would be closed from 8pm Christmas Eve until 5pm on January 16.

The Lukazsewskis will provide the Mail-Times with a diary of their experiences.

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