Holy Trinity Lutheran School celebrates record student intake

HOLY Trinity Lutheran School’s middle school is nearly complete, as the school celebrates a record student intake.

About 20 students will become the first year sevens in the Horsham school’s new middle school next year.

While the majority are already students at the school, others will come from Nhill, Natimuk and from other Horsham primary schools.

Principal Jeff Gork said he was pleased with the number of year sevens who would lead the new middle school.

He said the primary school would also experience a boost in numbers.

“Next year we’ve got more than 300 in the primary school alone,’’ he said. 

“This year we had 265 and we’ll go to about 305.’’

Mr Gork said he was unsure whether the inclusion of a middle school had enticed more people to the school.

“A lot of the increase is in the junior and middle areas,’’ he said.

Holy Trinity Lutheran School spent almost two years going through processes to have a middle school – years seven to nine – approved.

Year sevens will start the middle school next year. It will have both year seven and eight classes in 2015, before expanding to years seven to nine in 2016.

Teacher Jason Przibilla is head of middle school, while colleague Sally Kuchel will direct teaching and drive curriculum.

“It’s about one and a half teachers for 20 kids, which is pretty good,’’ Mr Gork said.

A science wing is the first stage of the new middle school construction.

The building is nearly complete, about a month ahead of schedule.

Mr Gork acknowledged the efforts of Horsham-based builders Plazzer Builders.

“We’re very happy with them,’’ he said. “It was meant to be ready in the middle of January.’’

The new building includes a laboratory, prep room and prac room.

Mr Gork said students would use the prac room as a classroom next year.

He said works on other buildings and a sporting area would continue next year.

The new building will feature state-of-the-art technology including a glass whiteboard and touch-screen televisions.

Mr Gork said students would visit Horsham College for home economics and woodwork classes next year.

He said he looked forward to the new year.

“It’s all pretty exciting,’’ he said.

Holy Trinity Lutheran School grade six students Callum Hayes and Tarlie McCartney will both join the inaugural year seven class next year.

Tarlie, 12, said she looked forward to trying the new subjects.

“It’s really good,’’ she said. “I’m looking forward to learning a new language and art and everything.’’

Callum, 12, said the new science wing was a highlight for him.

He said he was excited about woodwork as well.

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