Pynsent Street Traders worried business will suffer

A GROUP of Pynsent Street traders is reviewing documents detailing how the street will be affected by the Horsham Town Hall redevelopment.

More than 12 traders signed a letter dated December 13 asking Horsham Rural City Council to circulate copies of its construction management plan, traffic management plan and contractor parking plan before works begin.

Kane Constructions will set up its site office, lunch sheds and amenities on January 14.

The site will be fenced off from January 20.

Council responded to the letter at about 4.45pm on Friday, with a draft construction management plan.

The document included traffic management provisions.

Community services director Angela Murphy said more information would be available after Christmas.

"We are distributing the plans as they are to give businesses more time to review the plans and provide comments," she said.

Traders will have until January 10 to provide feedback.

"Consideration is being given to conducting a workshop with relevant businesses to determine the appropriate way to address each issue," Ms Murphy said.

Pynsent Street Traders representative Angela Ballinger was disappointed council did not respond to the letter sooner.

She said she was grateful for council's response and believed the documents would provide some insight into how construction would affect businesses.

"Many Pynsent Street traders have genuine concerns about the effect the redevelopment and construction process will have on the financial viability of their business during the proposed 18-month construction period," she said.

"It is critical to their continued success that the construction process does not discourage patrons from the Pynsent Street area."

Traders were concerned business could suffer if the street looked like a construction site, or if access was blocked by works.

"We want the street to look safe, clean and inviting," Mrs Ballinger said.

"If people see stop signs, rows of trucks, heavy equipment, dirt, dust and grime down the street, they would probably want to avoid the area.

"We're confident our loyal customers will find us, but we want the street to be clear and open to traffic in both directions at all times."

Mrs Ballinger said traders were running out of time to review or comment on the effects the project would have on Pynsent Street before works started.

She said the sense of urgency was compounded by the busy festive season although traders were grateful council had delayed building to allow for Christmas trading.

Mrs Ballinger said without concrete information about how construction would affect crucial factors such as accessibility, parking and aesthetic value, traders were unsure of what to expect.

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