Horsham Hornets remain undefeated

HORSHAM Hornets remain undefeated in the Country Basketball League men's competition after beating Stawell Wildcats at the weekend.

The 83-58 victory at Horsham Basketball Stadium will keep the Hornets atop the league's ladder.

Hornets captain Tim Pickert said a 12-man squad made for a difficult game.

"We were quite inconsistent," he said.

"We were rotating players a lot, so everyone had a go.

"But we would play for a few minutes, then come off and get cold, then have to go back out with different people."

Pickert said the large team made for a close game.

He said the Hornets would need to work on their ball skills to stay on top.

"We need to work on looking after the ball a bit more it was turned over quite a bit during the game," he said.

Darcy Tucker was the Hornets' top scorer, with 21 points for the match.

Pickert said he was happy with how everyone played.

"Everyone got on the court and did their job," he said. Despite the loss, Wildcats playing coach Ben Leslie said he was pleased with how his team played.

"It was good we did reasonably well," he said.

"The Horsham guys were good as usual, but we made them work a bit harder."

Leslie said he was happy the Wildcats were competitive.

"They didn't blow us out of the water and we stayed within 15 to 20 points of them for most of the match," he said.

"They had a few late baskets to put out the final margin, but we were competitive."

Leslie said his team played good defensive basketball.

Joel Freeland was the top scorer for the Wildcats, with 25 points for the match.

"Blake Dunstan also had a really good game," Leslie said.

Leslie said his team would need to work on shooting before its next match.

"We're not shooting very well," he said.

"If we can just make a few baskets we're a lot closer than what the score dictates.

"Instead of being 20 down, we could be only 10 down and that makes for a completely different game."

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