Stong winds blamed for pushing bus off-course

Sydney commuters narrowly escaped injury when a gust of wind blew a packed bus into the path of a shop.

Katalin Savage, who was travelling behind the bus, told that it was blown off course about 7pm while turning into Belmore Road in Randwick.

"A gust of wind caught it and it started sliding towards the shops," she said. "It was out of control."

The bus driver swerved to avoid the shops and instead careened into a power pole.

"I thought it was very brave of the driver," she said.

The pole collapsed but was prevented from completely overturning by wires running into the ground from its base.

"It would fallen on to cars," Mrs Savage said.

Police questioned the driver but he was not arrested.

Belmore Road was closed for an hour.

Police say they are still investigating the accident.

The story Stong winds blamed for pushing bus off-course first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.

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