Horsham Town Hall talks: Traders meet with Horsham Rural City Council

PARKING, traffic and marketing dominated discussions between Horsham traders neighbouring the town hall and Horsham Rural City Council on Tuesday.

The consultation was the first of a series of fortnightly site meetings related to the $20-million town hall redevelopment.

About 20 people sweated through the 45-minute discussion in the town hall supper room, which is not air-conditioned.

Council directed the discussions.

Kane Constructions was not present.

Technical services director John Martin ran through council’s response to a letter from a number of Pynsent Street traders.

The signatories made more than a dozen suggestions to council about how the project’s impact on their businesses could be minimised.

Suggestions included ensuring the Pynsent Street carriageway remained open to traffic in all directions at all times during the 18-month construction period.

Traders stressed the importance of keeping the street clean, presentable and safe.

Traders and council touched on unloading times and zones.

Advance Accounting Services director Mark Hancock said access and traffic management were some of his primary concerns.

“Once construction starts, things in Horsham are going to change and that’s when we’re going to see the project’s impact on the area,” he said.

“I believe council will be making decisions at that point based on what is happening at the time. There is only so much you can plan for.”

He supported council’s efforts at proactive planning and consultation.

Traders asked about the Pynsent Street bus stop, which will be shut during construction.

Mr Martin said the bus was likely to stop outside Horsham Plaza, near Priceline Pharmacy, instead.

“You can see the nearest alternative bus stop from the Pynsent Street bus stop,” he said.

“In my view, it is very close.”

He also spoke about  a trial parking program, enabling people to park in Horsham’s central business district for a dollar a day.

People will be able to park in the second, third and fourth sections in the centre of McLachlan Street, west of Firebrace Street, for up to 10 hours.

The metered carparks will cost 10 cents an hour from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am to noon on Saturday.

The change will affect 16 two-hour parking bays and eight four-hour bays.

Thirteen bays in the first and second sections in the centre of Hamilton Street, west of Firebrace Street, will change from two-hour metered parking to 10-hour metered parking.

The parks will also cost 10 cents an hour.

Other changes include unlimited parking in the last 16 one-hour bays of Wilson Street east, adjacent to Bunnings on the north side.

The last 10 one-hour metered parking bays on the south side of Wilson Street west, from number 85 to 89, will change to two-hour unmetered parking bays.

Council will consider an 18-month marketing campaign advising people that businesses in the construction zone are open.

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