Back to school: Twins Breanna and Claire prepare for prep

HORSHAM’S Katrina Martin is finding it hard to believe her babies are all grown up.

Her twin daughters Breanna and Claire, 5, will attend their first day of school on Thursday.

Mrs Martin said it was once difficult to imagine this day would come.

The girls spent the first two months of their lives in hospitals in Horsham, Melbourne and Ballarat after being born premature at 29 weeks and five days.

Mrs Martin said the girls had to reach certain goals before they were allowed home. 

“We were lucky, because each of the girls weighed more than a kilogram when they were born,” she said.

“There were other babies, who weren’t twins, who only weighed 800 grams. 

“It was a real eye-opener.”

Mrs Martin said Claire and Breanna were fighters.

She does not believe it will take the twins long to settle into their new environment at Horsham West Primary School.

“The girls have been going to school every day since they were three to pick up their big sister Amelia,” she said.

“They already know all of the teachers.

“They are ready for it.”

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Amelia, 8, is going into grade three and is looking forward to having her sisters join her at school.

Mrs Martin said she had mixed emotions about Friday.

“I’m excited, but a bit nervous at the same time,” she said.

“It’s a bit easier because I’ve been through the first day of school with Amelia, but I just want everything to go well for them.”

The girls are prepared, with new uniforms, school bags, pencil cases, lunch boxes, library bags and art smocks.

Breanna cannot wait to play in the sandpit, while Claire is excited about finally being able to use the playground equipment.

“Only students are allowed to use the play equipment, for safety reasons,” Mrs Martin said.

“They’re pretty excited about finally being able to use it.”

Mrs Martin said she expected her mother, Beryl Fraser, would be excited about having more time to herself.

“Mum watches the girls during the afternoon because I work part-time and my husband Rob works shift work,” she said.

“We are very lucky to have such strong support.”

Mrs Fraser said it would take a while to get used to having more free time.

“I can’t believe they’re going to be at school,” she said.

“I’ve joked that we’re going to have to adopt a baby so I have another one to look after.”

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