Teams battle for the lead as Central Wimmera tennis returns 

Senior tennis teams for February 1


With harvest finished, the start of tennis for 2014 should see all teams at full or nearly-full strength.

Central Park hosts Lawn O'Connor in a match that the Park team will not want to let slip, as it will be keen to finish the year with the second chance.

Lawn will be out to prove it is not an easy beat and will push the Park side to the end.

Drung South holds second place by percentage only and will be out to stay there with a victory over Lawn Massey.

The Massey side still has a chance of playing finals and will be out for the upset tomorrow. 

St Michael's sits comfortably on top at the moment, but Kalkee, with a full side, will push the Saints all day and a win will keep them in line for the double chance.

Draw: Central Park v Horsham Lawn O'Connor, Drung South v Horsham Lawn Massey, St Michaels v Kalkee.

'Teena' tips: Central Park, Drung South, Kalkee. Last round: 2/3. Total: 23/36.


Drung South hosts the Central Park Blue side and will be keen to keep its winning run intact.

Blue will be out for a win to keep its spot in the four and will make Drung earn every point on the day.

Watch out Central Park Red. St Michael's had its first win in the last round and will be keen to start this year in the same way.

The Park side should be too consistent but will not want to take it too easy.

Horsham Lawn hosts Brimpaen and on the lawn courts should be the victor. 

Brimpaen has had an up-and-down season this year but cannot be taken lightly.

Draw: Drung South v Central Park Blue, Central Park Red v St Michael's, Horsham Lawn v Brimpaen.

'Teena' tips: Drung South, Central Park Red, Horsham Lawn. Last Round: 2/3. Total: 23/36.


With harvest over, Natimuk should be able to fill a full side, and after a slide down the ladder will be keen to get back into the four.

Haven is also just out of the four and will do its utmost to return, therefore a close match could ensue.

Central Park sits on top of the ladder with Kalkee third.

A loss for Kalkee could see it tumble out of the four so it will be out to upset the Park side.

Lawn plays second side Drung South, but even the home courts will not be enough for it to cause an upset.

Quantong and Noradjuha meet in the western derby, which should see Quantong hold on for a win and a spot in the four.

Draw: Natimuk v Haven, Kalkee v Central Park, Horsham Lawn v Drung South, Quantong v Noradjuha.

'Teena' tips: Natimuk, Central Park, Drung South, Quantong. Last round: 2/4. Total: 24/48.


With five of the six teams still fighting for a place in the four, each match will become vital. 

Homers will be looking to consolidate second place when it plays Haven.

Haven will be out for the win to keep fourth place. 

Natimuk and Brimpaen will fight out a close match with Brimpaen having the most to lose if it has a loss.

With other results going its way, a win to Natimuk could see it rise to second.

 Laharum has the easiest match playing St Michael's which has been struggling this season.

Draw: Homers v Haven, Natimuk v Brimpaen, Laharum v St Michael's.

'Teena' tips: Homers, Natimuk, Laharum. Last Round: 2/3. Total: 23/36.


Haven Green plays Natimuk at home in a match that is a must-win situation for Green to keep its finals dream alive.

Natimuk will be out to spoil Green's plan and start 2014 on a winning note.

Laharum Navy and Dadswells Bridge should have a close encounter with only percentage separating them.

Dadswells will want to end its first year in the association on a high and will be out to win as many of the remaining matches as possible.

A good day weather permitting should be had by all players. Horsham Lawn can make sure of its finals spot with a win over Quantong.

On ladder positions this should be a win to Lawn, but with harvest over it will not want to take Quantong for granted.

Drung Lutheran will be out to end Laharum Red's unbeaten record and keep the second chance.

The Red side has taken all before it this season and will not want that to change on Saturday.

Haven Black has the bye.

Draw: Haven Green v Natimuk, Laharum Navy v Dadswells Bridge, Horsham Lawn v Quantong, Drung South Horsham Lutheran v Laharum Red, Haven Black, bye.

'Teena' tips: Haven Green, Dadswells Bridge, Horsham Lawn, Laharum Red. Last Round: 3/4. Total: 30/48.

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