A Mum's World: A parent's plight

IF YOU haven't spent any quality time labelling things in the past week, then you probably don't have a school-age child living under your roof.

If you have been labelling, then I hope everyone at your place is still smiling, including you.

There was quite a lot of trepidation in my three little girls last week as they attended school for the first time in 2014.

In what will be the final year they all go to the same primary school, my daughters were nervous entering new year levels with different playground zones and fresh classrooms with a changed dynamic of classmates.

After a fabulous day with energetic teachers, though, one of my girls described it as the best day of her life, another said she hadn't wanted the day to ever end and the third gave me so much complex detail about the extensive thrills of our six-hour separation, that even I was overwhelmed by it all.

These delightfully chatty young ladies jumped into my car at 3.30pm but soon frazzled out in the heat, with at least one suffering a near complete meltdown.

Unfortunately the emotional exhaustion of a huge first day led to much snappiness at the dinner table followed on by the fast-tracking of bedtime.

Ultra-hot weather engulfed us and made my plans pretty pointless, though.

There ensued a long, drawn-out process whereby I explained extensively how lying still and shutting one's eyes always helps promote the onset of sleep, after which I retreated to the kitchen to gorge myself on all the home baking that was supposed to go into the school lunchboxes.

Well-documented research has shown that after hastily eating six Anzac biscuits, I do start to feel a little queasy, but it is always best to have a couple more just to be sure.

Oh who cares, the children had a great day and I was happy.

Celebrating and commiserating by overeating is a perfectly acceptable custom I intend to continue at every possible opportunity - until I have eaten all of the home baking, anyway.

I don't like any of that highly-processed packaged stuff, which is lucky, because I'll need it for the school lunchboxes now.

Crikey, I don't know if I can survive five days of this school caper in a row.

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