Burnt Creek enhancement project gets $10,000 grant

WIMMERA River Improvement Committee has received a $10,000 government grant to complete its Burnt Creek waterway enhancement project in Horsham.

Committee member John Francis said the project would help preserve some of Horsham’s greatest archaeological sites.

“The significance of it is quite dramatic because we have some fantastic Aboriginal scar trees along that part of the creek that really do need lots of preservation,” he said.

Indigenous people created scarred trees by removing bark to make canoes, containers and shields and to build temporary shelters. 

The committee will also use part of the money to fence stock from the creek’s flora and fauna.

Mr Francis said the area’s vegetation was unique and the grant would allow for greater preservation.

Pest eradication is also covered by the grant, with bait being laid to kill rabbits in the area.

Mr Francis said the work would be a boon for the well-being of Burnt Creek.

“The overall health of that part of the creek is going to be improved dramatically,” he said.

Halls Gap received a $3905 grant for the town’s botanic gardens project.

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