Healthy Minds Horsham to host Geelong vice-president Gareth Andrews

HEALTHY Minds Horsham will host a night with Geelong Football Club vice-president Gareth Andrews at Horsham Golf Club on Tuesday night.

Healthy Minds committee member Gavin Morrow said Mr Andrews, who played 167 games for Geelong and Richmond in the VFL, would bring a wealth of life experience to the night.

The committee deals with mental health issues and specifically depression and suicide.

“We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls from wives or partners of men who are struggling a bit and maybe haven’t been looking for any help,” Mr Morrow said.

“We’d really like to encourage those people to come and have a listen because this guy’s been through it all so he’ll have some really good advice.”

Mr Morrow said Mr Andrews would be able to detail a process of how to deal with mental health issues without medication.

“The thing that excites us is the fact that he’s got a process that can achieve results without the use of drugs,” he said.

Mr Morrow said the talk could provide a chance for people who were silently suffering with mental health issues to take the first step in getting some help.

“If there are people out there who are struggling – don’t sit back and do nothing,” he said.

“We see this as a great opportunity to try to do something. 

“At least you’ve got a chance if you try something and hopefully we can direct people towards professional help.”

He also said the committee wanted to ensure no-one missed out because they could not afford the admission fee and urged people to get in contact if that was the case.

Mr Andrews will speak in the Bennett room at the new Horsham Golf Club on Tuesday night at 7pm. 

Admission is $10.

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