Hudson Irwin off to AIS camp

WIMMERA gymnast Hudson Irwin has been touted as a future Olympic level prospect by Gymnastics Victoria Men's High Performance Program manager and head coach Greg Corsiglia.

Irwin will attend a four-day training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra next week along with about 35 of the top junior gymnasts in the country.

Irwin was one of just seven boys selected from the Victorian high performance program to attend.

Corsiglia said Irwin, 13, would be one of the most promising junior prospects at the camp.

"Hudson is not a secret to anyone -  he's one of the most talented athletes not only in Victoria but possibly in this country as well," he said.

"It's a pretty big statement to say about a junior because you never quite know how they're going to go, but to date he is really a great kid.

"He could be an Olympics type of guy - I don't see any real top end to him" - Gymnastics Victoria head coach Greg Corsiglia

"We see him as an international level guy in the future, and if he stays on track and is able to get into the proper training situation in the next couple of years, there's no limit to what he could do.

"He could be a world championships type of guy, he could be an Olympics type of guy -  I don't see any real top end to him.

"I've seen a lot of juniors and he is a very, very, very good one."

The camp will comprise six training sessions from February 21-24 with Corsiglia and two other senior Australian coaches.

The sessions will focus on skill development on apparatus and profile testing for strength and flexibility.

Corsiglia said the results of the juniors would be put into a national databank and the camp would give them a chance to work with the best athletes in the country.

"It will be a great motivation for them and it should be a good chance for everyone to assess where they're at in relation to everyone else."

Irwin's mother Leonie said selection for the AIS camp was a huge achievement for Irwin under difficult circumstances.

"Normally the gymnasts at the AIS camp are selected for their ranking at nationals the previous year, but due to injuries he didn't compete," she said.

"After that, for them to actually select him from the high performance centre to go up there is quite incredible.

"His focus is amazing really."

Ms Irwin said Hudson put many hours of hard work into training at the high performance centre.

She said it was good to see his hard work paying off.

"He can only get limited training here so we drive down to Melbourne nearly every weekend so that he can train and do the best he can," she said.

"He's just very excited about the opportunity to go up there."

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