Roses Gap pipeline work starts

ROSES Gap residents are set to have their water supply reinstated.

The pipeline supplying the community from nearby Beehive Falls was burnt in last month's bushfire.

Construction of a replacement started on Thursday.

Northern Grampians Shire Council municipal recovery manager Greg Little said he expected the pipeline to finish before the month's end.

"We'll get the water back on, as promised," he said.

Until then, he said offers to supply water to any residents struggling with reserves in their tanks still applied.

Roses Gap residents have been relying on their water tanks since they returned to the area.

About eight properties were serviced by the pipeline.

Prominent among them was the community's major business, the Roses Gap Recreation Centre, which entirely depended on the pipeline.

Owner Lynda Sutherland said the availability of water would determine how quickly her business could recover.

Mr Little promised her he would have water restored within weeks.

Council engaged contractor Halls Gap Plumbing for the work.

"We're not doing anything more than reinstating what was there, at this stage," Mr Little said.

Council has covered the cost of the works, although the original pipeline was privately owned by Roses Gap residents. "We can't have a community without water," Mr Little said.

"We're expecting it to come in at less than $20,000."

Meanwhile, he will investigate possible avenues of funding support.

Council is also investigating ways to improve the pipeline in the long-term.

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