Man in the Corner: Old sign with links to sinister history

TWO Horsham builders uncovered a piece of Horsham history while working near the city’s post office on Wednesday.

Patrick McDonald and Brady Jenner were working outside Horsham Undercover Lingerie when they unearthed the old business sign for Bonwick’s Jeweller.

Back in 1962, the jeweller made national news when a prisoner awaiting trial for robbing the store was found hanged in a cell at Horsham Police Station. 

William Bayl, 37, was a labourer and was due to appear in Horsham Court on charges of robbery with violence and assault with a weapon.

Mr Bonwick told police that while showing a man some watches, the man struck him on the side of the head with a length of piping.

The man then snatched a tray of 41 watches worth £450 and ran from the shop.

In a chase down Horsham’s main street, the man was seized and taken to Horsham Police Station where he was charged.

We wonder whether any reader can remember shopping at Bonwick’s, or buying their wife’s engagement ring there?

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