Horsham's Green Park Kindergarten children enjoy new playground

THE power of community co-operation is on show at Green Park Kindergarten in Horsham.

Kindergarten treasurer Kara Reinheimer said the expansion and redevelopment of the kindergarten’s Casuarina and Acacia rooms in recent years meant there was need for a new playground.

“We’ve gone from one three-year-old group and one four-year-old-group to now having two four-year-old groups and three three-year-old groups,” she said.

“Hence we needed a new playground.” 

Various businesses and community members pitched in with donations.

Shade sails over the playground were mostly paid for by a grant from Horsham Sports and Community Club, with Mittons Upholstery and the Green Park Kindergarten’s own budget also chipping in.

Horsham Eight-Ball Association were connected through a grandparent of a child who attended the kindergarten. 

It provided money for parts of the playground.

Mrs Reinheimer said the new playground was a product of continued effort from people across the wider community.

“It’s been a real community effort from quite a few Horsham organisations, the parents and grandparents for the past two years,” she said.

She said the main beneficiaries – the children – were overjoyed.

“They’re loving the new playground,” she said.

“They think it’s great and they actually take it on themselves to water the new plants, so they let the teachers know the plants needed to be watered.”

Mrs Reinheimer said the youngsters watched the development with wonder from the kindergarten’s Acacia and Casuarina rooms.

“They’ve been watching the progress throughout last year so whenever something happened they would let everyone know of the changes.”

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