Wimmera's Rosemary Remembrance Committee calls for volunteers

THE Wimmera’s Rosemary Remembrance Committee has called for volunteers to help make commemorative sprigs for Anzac Day in the Wimmera and at the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance.

The volunteers will make about 80,000 rosemary and poppy sprigs, to be handed out at dawn services. 

Last year, 52,600 sprigs were made in Horsham.

Committee secretary Lynne Wright said the rosemary and poppy sprigs were a way to remember everyone who had been affected by war.

“I think it’s important not only to remember those who served, but also the civilians and the families who were affected,” she said.

“It affected so many civilians, affected everyone’s way of life and that’s important to remember because it’s part of our history.” 

Ms Wright said after spending countless hours making the sprigs, it was a great feeling to see them at services in the Wimmera and in Melbourne on Anzac Day.

“There’s always that element of – ‘I wonder if I made that one’,” she said.

“Some people might say it’s just a piece of rosemary and a poppy and it’s not much, but when I’ve been making my phone calls, it’s been pleasing to hear people tell me that they’re so appreciative of this little sprig.”

Ms Wright said committee members believed there was no attempt to glorify war. 

She said it was important for future generations to ensure a conflict of the scale of the First World War never happened again.

“Many are aiming to give them to students and children in primary schools and some of them have a small service,” she said. 

“It’s another way of getting this information through to the younger generation.”

Ms Wright praised the support of a Balmoral rosemary farm, which donated 150 kilograms of rosemary.

She said any level of contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Ms Wright said people could call her on 5382 6361, John Byrne on 0429 808 250 or Alma Pitt on 0438 812 396 for more information.

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