Horsham's Williams Road traffic flow pain

VICROADS will investigate ways to improve the traffic flow in Williams Road, Horsham.

Western regional director Ewen Nevett said Horsham residents were concerned about congestion at the Williams Road-Stawell Road intersection.

Residents were particularly concerned about congestion while turning right from Williams Road onto Stawell Road.

“Growth to the west and east of the intersection has increased traffic,” he said.

“VicRoads is investigating proposals to improve its operational capacity.”

Williams Road resident Julie Emmerson said a right-turn arrow from Williams Road onto Stawell Road would be ideal.

“I’ve had a couple of people mention that,” she said.

“Certainly the right arrow would be really quite helpful during peak hours.”

Mrs Emmerson said VicRoads work on the Wimmera River bridges had sorely affected Williams Road residents for several months.

She said she tried to escape the traffic congestion by driving along Vine Street onto the Western Highway and then continuing back towards the city.

With bridge works mostly complete, congestion had eased, but Mrs Emmerson said the issue was still not solved.

She said a right-turn arrow for Williams Road residents would improve safety.

“Not everyone turns left from Southbank – some people come straight across and take you by surprise,” she said.

Mrs Emmerson said a turning arrow was a matter of planning for the future.

New estates from Stockton Drive meant there was increasing traffic on the road.

Mrs Emmerson said she had lived in Williams Road for five and a half years and had noticed the road getting busier.

“There needs to be some thought for the future.”

Mr Nevett said there were no immediate plans to improve the road.

“Any proposals for road improvements will be considered with other funding priorities in a future program,” he said.

“Works that make the greatest contribution to public safety are given the highest priority.”

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