Artist calls for Horsham beauty spots

HORSHAM Rural City Council will install five large wooden frames across the region as part of a public art project.

In 2005, Nati Frinj Festival founder and artist Greg Pritchard installed a large frame outside Natimuk that frames Mt Arapiles.

The frame has inspired the Framing the Wimmera art project.

Council's public art committee is calling for submissions on where the new frames should go.

Dr Pritchard said he was excited to see what sites people came up with.

"It's like a photography contest but with a piece of public art," he said.

"I thought the original piece would only last a month or so but it has since become a minor tourist attraction.

"I was there the other day and there is still a path leading to the base of it, so people are still visiting."

Dr Pritchard said he installed the frame to recreate the feeling of visiting Mt Arapiles for the first time.

"As a climber, when you first come to Mt Arapiles, you stop the car and get out and have a look," he said.

"I still see young climbers do that, so the frame was about recreating that sensation.

"Lots of people who live in the area drive past it every day and don't look at the view any more this way they could appreciate the beautiful sight again."

He said his frame would be upgraded as part of the project.

Dr Pritchard said the project was looking for landscape views.

"The shape of the frame can vary -  it can be tall and thin," he said.

"There are legalities about where we can put frames though -  it can't be on a 100 kmh section of road or on someone's private property.

"It needs to be readily accessible. I'm sure people have places they think would make a nice place for a frame.

"I have an idea of what places are beautiful so I'm interested to see what other people think."

People can suggest locations online by using the hashtag #framingthewimmera on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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