World Vision's Tim Costello marks Palm Sunday in Ararat

WORLD Vision chief executive Tim Costello marked Palm Sunday in Ararat at the weekend.

About 160 people attended St Andrew’s Uniting Church to hear from one of Australia’s most recognised voices on social justice, leadership and ethics.

Ararat Reverend Colin Honey said the event was a terrific success.

“Tim is so nice and amenable and he’s really quite smart,” Mr Honey said.

“He took the story of Palm Sunday and turned it into a talk about looking after the children of the world.

“There are 160 million children suffering from famine worldwide – it’s a staggering figure.

"It’s the size of the population of Indonesia.”

Mr Honey said Mr Costello’s visit demonstrated the support Ararat residents offered World Vision.

“We had a large contingent from the Catholic Church along with representatives from the Church of Christ, Salvation Army and the Lutheran and Presbyterian churches,” he said.

“There were a few people from the broader community, but most of the people who came were church people.

“Church-goers tend to be big supporters of charities.

“On average a church person gives away $2000 a year to charities and World Vision is one of the biggest charities.”

Mr Honey said he first met Mr Costello when he led Urban Seed, a Christian not-for-profit organisation that provided outreach services and hospitality to the urban poor.

“It operated out of the back room of the Collins Street Baptist Church. He’s always done worthwhile things for the good of other people,” he said.

“A problem for him is that every time he turns around he must see more depressing statistics and things such as child slavery and famine and poverty, yet he is able to keep his enthusiasm and energy up.”

Mr Honey delivered his first service in Ararat on March 30.

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