Wimmera motorcyclist backs lane filtering trial

A WIMMERA motorcyclist has backed a suggested lane filtering trial.

The trial would allow motorcycle riders to travel between lanes of slow or stationary traffic.

Rupanyup man and Independent Riders Group safety representative Dale Maggs said motorcycle lane filtering was an essential safety practice.

He has been advocating it for about 15 years.

“The best option is to filter through the traffic safely and get yourself into a position that enables you to either get ahead of slow-moving traffic or safely position yourself at the head of an intersection,” Mr Maggs said.

“We need the extra safety of being able to maintain a clear space from the vehicles around us.”

He said motorcyclists had more to lose from inattentive motorists in traffic.

“A car not watching what it is doing might rear-end the vehicle in front,” Mr Maggs said.

“If you’re on a motorcycle, you’re a smaller vehicle to see to start with.”

Shadow Road Safety Minister Luke Donnellan called on the State Government to trial motorcycle lane filtering.

“It is a practical measure to reduce congestion and improve motorcycle safety,” he said.

“It is a practical measure to reduce congestion and improve motorcycle safety.'' - Shadow Road Safety Minister Luke Donnellan

Mr Donnellan said motorcycle lane filtering was legal in NSW, the UK and the US.

“The Napthine government’s own Parliamentary Inquiry into Motorcycle Safety recommended a lane filtering trial,” he said.

“In the interests of road safety, Premier Denis Napthine should act on his own recommendation and implement this trial.”

Roads Minister Terry Mulder said NSW was planning to legalise motorcycle lane filtering from mid-year.

“NSW will monitor the implementation of this initiative and I have asked VicRoads to be kept informed of the results closely to determine whether lane filtering will provide a safe and enforceable solution for Victoria,” he said.

“In the meantime we are focusing on improving respect for motorcycle riders with other road users.”

Roadsafe Wimmera executive officer David Rule said all movements on any road must be done carefully and with consideration for all other road users.

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