A Mum's World: Mother's Day is a 'no whinge' day

I HOPE you had a lovely Mother’s Day.

Personally, I find that it is always nicer if, rather than expecting those around you to miraculously meet all of your needs and hang up their towels, you continue to meet your own needs as per usual and also take a day off providing feedback on the towel hanging situation. 

Either leave the beds unmade and ban visitors, or make the beds yourself without delivering a running commentary.

Take a day off coaching everyone on their manners – in fact take a day off instructing your family about how they can improve in absolutely every way. 

Photos: Mother's Day in the Wimmera

As women, we do tend to see how things can be made better, and given the time, influence and budget, we do make them better – and it is fabulous. 

Sometimes though, we see where things beyond our control need a tweak here and there, and that’s just pure torture for everyone involved. 

While I am definitely not suggesting that the behaviour of your immediate family falls outside your jurisdiction on the improvement front, we must force ourselves to have the occasional day off for a rest.

On your day off, try not to deliver the lecture about leaving piles of clothes on the floor, just feed the pets without pointing out how many times they would have starved to death if you had not intervened, then wash, dry and pack away all the dishes without a long explanation of cogs and wheels and how if everyone helped out just a little bit Mummy wouldn’t be so grumpy all of the time. 

Take a day off correcting pronunciation, don’t bother asking if someone needs a tissue and stop gently reminding everyone that roller skates left lying in the middle of the kitchen floor mean Mummy might be hospitalised – how would this family survive then, huh? 

Mother’s Day is about not providing wardrobe advice on wearing thongs in Arctic temperatures, not mentioning that someone needs to put a brush through their hair and letting everyone settle their own arguments – even if it does mean a trip to accident and emergency. 

Just sit back and let the people you love the most be their organic selves.

 They really are quite entertaining that way – which is probably what they think of you when you’ve got a good head of steam up. 

We just can’t help it can we.

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