Natimuk's Goat Gallery exhibition: Greg Pritchard's works on show

NATIMUK’s Goat Gallery will host the work of former Natimuk artist Greg Pritchard in a new exhibition.

Natimuk Small Towns Transformation project manager Carloynne Hamdorf said Pritchard originally moved to the Wimmera as a result of his love of rock climbing.

But Ms Hamdorf said Pritchard was not always enamoured with art.

“He used to be a staunch arts-hater and he’s done a full 180, he’s now a professional practising artist in his own right,” she said.

“Since his involvement with the Nati Frinj he really has developed using art as a tool or mechanism to prompt ideas and push people to consider things in different ways – ideas are his catalyst.”

Ms Hamdorf said the exhibition would take the form of a complex installation with digital effects and a short performance. 

“He uses shadow and light quite a lot,” she said. 

A former Horsham Rural City Council cultural development officer, Pritchard is back in the Wimmera to work on the ‘Framing the Wimmera’ for the council.

The opening of Pritchard’s Omnia Vanitas exhibition was at the Goat Gallery, Natimuk, on Saturday.

The exhibition is open on Saturday and Sunday between 1pm and 4pm.

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