Horsham Laurel Club visits Jane Duff Memorial for 150th anniversary | Lost in the Bush

HORSHAM’S Laurel Club visited the Jane Duff Memorial west of Mitre to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Duff children lost in the bush on Wednesday.

Club member Carmel Armstrong said the day included lunch in Natimuk and a talk from historian Ian Ballinger.

“It was a wonderful day and we had a lovely crowd,” she said.

“The rain came when we were driving out, but then the sun came out.”

She said 30 ladies attended, plus three men.

“We are looking at ladies in their late 80s, so it was great to get so many people,” she said.

Mrs Armstrong said the day took them back to their primary school days.

“It was a story we all read when we were at school,” she said.

“It is very interesting out there and it is a beautiful story – it is part of Horsham’s history.”

Mrs Armstrong said all the participants enjoyed the day.

● West Wimmera Shire Council and Horsham Rural City Council are planning a joint celebration for the 150th anniversary of the Duff children story.

Councils are working with community groups to produce a range of events from August 12 to 20.