Jenny McRae wins 16th Horsham Golf Club ladies championship

IT WAS lucky 13 and sweet 16 for Jenny McRae on Thursday as she won Horsham Golf Club’s ladies championship for another year.

McRae now has 16 Horsham titles to her name, and this year’s win made it an incredible 13 consecutive championships at the club.

McRae won by 28 strokes from A Grade runner-up Julie Wirth, but said she still saw room for improvement in her own game.

“My form wasn’t as good as I would have liked in a couple of rounds where I thought I might have been a bit better, but it is still enjoyable to win like that,” she said.

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“Golf is the sort of game where anything can happen, and I never take winning for granted.

“I know eventually it has to come to an end, but I’ll keep enjoying it for as long as I can.”

As she approaches the age of 60, McRae said she was still focused on improving herself as a player.

“In golf you try to keep setting new goals for yourself, and one of my goals is to get my handicap lower,” she said.

“I got it down to 2.3 recently and I thought there’s no reason why I can’t go lower.

“It has gone the other way since then, but getting my handicap down to the lowest it has ever been is still a goal of mine.”

“I know eventually it has to come to an end, but I’ll keep enjoying it for as long as I can.” - Jenny McRae

McRae was out of action from July until January with a fractured elbow.

She said she was still trying to get back to her best form.

McRae said she did not know when her run of women’s championships would end, but she would enjoy it while it lasted.

“The older you get, the harder it gets each year, and with age comes a bit of pressure you put on yourself,” she said.

“One day that might be my undoing, I don’t know.”

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