Victorian Government political crisis opposition 'opportunism': Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty

Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty. Picture: THEA PETRASS
Member for Lowan Hugh Delahunty. Picture: THEA PETRASS

MEMBER for Lowan Hugh Delahunty has called the state’s political crisis ‘opportunism’ by the Victorian Opposition.

“To say it is a constitutional crisis is a step too far,” Mr Delahunty said.

 “We’re getting on with the job and doing all the things we have been elected to do.”

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He said Independent Geoff Shaw had provided Opposition leader Daniel Andrews with an opportunity for attention seeking.

“A vote of no confidence has often been talked about, but nothing has been done,” Mr Delahunty said.

“It’s all hypothetical at the moment, and it’s no good talking in hypotheticals.”

He said Mr Shaw should be held accountable to his electorate.

“Making noise is sometimes what Independents do, but what are they achieving for their electorate, that’s what they have got to ask,” Mr Delahunty said.

Mr Shaw said on Tuesday he would support a no-confidence motion against the Premier and government.

Premier Denis Napthine said he would not be held to ransom by the Member for Frankston.

Opposition leader Daniel Andrews said on Wednesday he would move a motion to have Mr Shaw expelled from Parliament for contempt.

But Fairfax Media reports Mr Andrews has shied away from triggering the government’s immediate downfall by pushing the issue.

Mr Delahunty doubted anything would destabilise the government before parliament sits on Tuesday.

“In the meantime, we will do the jobs we have been elected to do,” he said.

Premier Denis Napthine announced $1.2-million in capital works funding for Wedderburn College on Wednesday.

Minister for Water Peter Walsh was in Donald and Charlton on Wednesday, while Mr Delahunty will visit Nhill on Thursday for the official opening of the town’s water supply.