130 volunteers to help at children's festival

VOLUNTEERS met at Horsham's Sawyer Park at the weekend to prepare for Christian children's festival Operation 19:14.

More than 130 volunteers will help at the annual event, which will be at Sawyer Park's soundshell on Sunday.

Volunteers will be identifiable by their special white caps, with the event logo printed on them, so festival-goers know who to ask for for help on the day.

Matthew chapter 19, verse 14, from the Bible, about children hearing the good news of Jesus, inspired the festival's name.

The festival will be a free afternoon of children's activities including music, rides, crafts, singing and a barbecue.

Yolande Grosser, one of the event organisers, said a new feature of this year's Operation 19:14 was a Busy Bees tent.

"The tent will be set up to provide a warm spot for mums to feed babies," she said.

"We want mums with babies to know there is a place to feed that is comfortable and warm.

"The Busy Bees tent will have heating, carpet, couches, a microwave, activities for older siblings and tea, coffee, Milo and biscuits for mums and dads with babies.

"Outside there will be face-painting.

"Also, because this is a family event, children remain the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times.

"It is not an event that children can be dropped at and left without an adult guardian.

"We would hate children to be dropped off and then realise that they are unable to register and receive their passport for all the rides and a goodie bag."

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