Walls go up for $12-million development

HORSHAM'S $12-million Target redevelopment is underway, but property developer Gateway Property has yet to make any announcements about the works.

Gateway Property announced in March that the new Horsham shopping precinct would include a new Target store, a chain store, seven specialty stores and a kiosk at the corner of Wilson Street and Park Drive.

But the company has not made any further announcements since, leading to community speculation about the nature of the stores which will occupy the precinct.

The Mail-Times has called Ken Foss of Gateway Property several times since March, but has yet to receive a response.

In March, Mr Foss said he could not commit to a timeline for the project, but the company was in discussions with predominantly national retailers.

Horsham Rural City Council corporate and economic director Tony Bawden said yesterday the works were obviously in progress.

"The company has awarded the contract to Ballarat building firm H. Troon," Mr Bawden said.

"We wouldn't like to anticipate a timeline, but we are aware that the works will take some time.

"Gateway Property has been in discussions with potential tenants and businesses regarding specialty shops to occupy the development and Ken Foss will be giving further updates on the works.

"As far as council is concerned, we have maintained contact with Ken regarding Park Drive works, which are progressing in tandem with Gateway Property works."

Mr Bawden said it was fantastic to see activity on the former gas works site after so many years vacant.

"As council has indicated before, it will boost the economic development of Horsham and capture a lot of those escaped dollars that tend to go to regional centres closer to Melbourne," he said.

Council chief executive Peter Brown said Mr Foss was currently overseas, but further announcements could be expected within the next two to three weeks.

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