Brim man 'cowardly attack' on pensioners

A MAN who bashed two disability pensioners at Brim will avoid jail when he returns to court.

Brim man Colin Willis, 20, pleaded guilty in Horsham Magistrate's Court on Wednesday to having destroyed the good order of a jail, two counts of having assaulted police, three counts of wilful damage and two counts of having recklessly caused serious injury.

Magistrate Richard Pithouse bailed Willis and adjourned his sentencing to November 14.

Mr Pithouse initially wanted to jail Willis, but after reading a psychological report he said Willis would face youth detention instead.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Guin Cleminson told the court that Willis was drunk in Swann Street, Brim, before 11pm on May 31.

She said Willis became violent and kicked a rear door of the Commercial Hotel until the lock broke. The hotel owner confronted Willis and Willis went out into Swann Street.

Willis then ripped a security light from the wall of a milk bar and smashed it.

He then threw a bin over a house fence and kicked the fence.

The house occupants, two female disability pensioners, aged 50 and 61, confronted Willis.

Sgt Cleminson said Willis became abusive, grabbed onto the younger woman and let her go so she hit the ground, then he struck her.

The older woman hit Willis with her walking cane and Willis twisted her cane. Willis then grabbed the older woman forcefully and pushed her away.

Police arrived and Willis rushed at them, throwing punches.

The officers sprayed Willis with capsicum spray but he was still violent and resisted them.

Police arrested Willis who continued to be violent in a police van.

Sgt Cleminson said the older woman's injuries included enormous pain, sore fingers, a large welt on her arm, bruises and a leg fracture.

She said the younger woman's injuries included facial lumps, scratches and a swollen hand.

Sgt Cleminson also told the court about Willis's violent behaviour when he was in Horsham Police Station after midnight on June 1.

Willis resisted police, kicked his cell door and swore. He also kicked a security camera screen.

Mr Pithouse said Willis's conduct was cowardly and thuggish.

Willis has been banned from Brim and must not consume alcohol or illegal drugs while on bail.

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