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Happily hibernating this winter? Here’s what you’ll need for a great night at home.

Kimono gown, $24.95. You might be home, but throwing on a stylish robe can help make you feel a little more glam.

Chunky knit throw, $1295. Measuring 2x1 metres, it’s grand enough to cover an entire couch of movie buffs, and warm enough to keep the mightiest of drafts at bay.

Absolutely Fabulous care package, $129. All you need for that great night in: handmade artisan chocolate wafers, raw sugar body scrub, handmade marshmallow gift box, a scented candle and Flamingo moscato.

Platinum sheepskin boots, $189.95. You’re home, so ditch the heels and slip your feet into something warm and comfy.

Google Home, $198. Enjoy your favourite music, start streaming video content to your television, or just explore its capabilities.

Charcoal Detox mask, $38,; renewing body scrub, $14.95.

Sometimes a home facial is all the indulgence you need on a Saturday night.

EyeToons card game, $19.99. A fun, family-friendly game is a great option during a night at home. This one is designed to use all that (otherwise useless) music knowledge you've got stored away.

Playbase, $999. A powerful speaker that sits discreetly under your television and delivers home theatre sound without the complexity.

Popcorn Maker, $24.95. Before you get settled on the couch, why not take three minutes to make some delicious, healthy homemade popcorn, without oil or butter.

Cotton jersey T-shirt, $59.95; cotton elastane jersey mini shorts, $49.95. A fun night in calls for fun sleepwear.

Pukka organic tea - night time blend, $8.75. The ideal beverage if you’re after a blissful night’s sleep.

Ethics in the Real World: 87 Brief Essays on Things that Matter by Peter Singer, $24.99. When diving into a good book is your idea of a great night in. This book of Singer’s brief essays covers issues from climate change, to extreme poverty, the ethics of high-priced art, and ways of increasing happiness.

Hair masque, $14.99. Specially formulated and packed with loads of nourishing ingredients, treat your hair when you’ve settled in for the evening.

Jar candle, $28.95. Lighting a few candles can create the perfect ambience for a night at home.

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