Jeparit Newsagency rising from the ashes 

Jeparit Newsagency will re-open at 30 Broadway, Jeparit, as Jeparit Newsagency, General Store and Food Cafe on November 3.

The former newsagency building in Roy Street, Jeparit, was gutted after an electrical fault triggered a fire on May 24.

The blackened building was demolished last week.

Rhonda Holden, who owns the newsagency with husband Daryl, said the business had operated from the former Perry and Hansel building in Roy Street since May.

"Because we'd only been in the now-demolished building since December, we weren't too attached to it," she said.

"We've now sold the site and the insurance company has been quite good, although there were a few mix-ups."

Mrs Holden said a takeaway food business next door was also damaged during the fire.

"Because both buildings were insured separately, we had to make sure one demolition company didn't knock down both buildings," she said.

"The takeaway building will be demolished soon, but the owners have sold their site and are not going to re-open.

"So we're going to put in a take-away food place at our new site on Broadway."

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