Horsham man rides for children 

Horsham man Dan Bolwell has described a Ride for Kids challenge as harder than Kokoda.

Mr Bolwell joined Woolworths staff and Victoria Police officers on the 800-kilometre ride to raise money for children with cancer.

He rode his penny farthing in the challenge, which finished on Saturday.

Mr Bolwell said the eight-day event took its toll on his muscles.

"It's funny how it changed through the week,'' he said.

"They got sore during the first few days. Then it was getting better and the pain was going well.

"Then more pain developed.''

The ride finished in Ballarat on Saturday but that did not mean a break for Mr Bolwell, who competed in the Great Southern Penny Farthing tournament at Creswick on Sunday.

Mr Bolwell came second in the race but blamed sore muscles from the Ride for Kids for a weaker performance.

"That was a great warm-up ride,'' he said. "It definitely held me back.''

Mr Bolwell said the Ride for Kids was the hardest thing he had ever done.

"Physically it's harder than doing the Kokoda Trail, and mentally harder too,'' he said.

Despite the strain, Mr Bolwell said he loved the experience.

He described it as the best experience of his life.

"The weather was pretty good there was some rain and wind on some days though,'' he said.

"We did eat well and stayed in some great hotels. That side of it was easier than doing Kokoda. It comes back to what you can cope with.''

Mr Bolwell said the ride raised more than $60,000.

He said despite the difficulties he would look to do it again in the future.

"I started off not knowing a single person. By the end of the trip I'd made some good friendships,'' he said.

"It was really good to spend time on that level with Vic police.''

Mr Bolwell said the Woolworths staff who initiated the ride were an inspiration.

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