CWA news from around the district.

West Wimmera group president Carol Smithett advises that a monthly segment for CWA will be presented by Clare Bowditch on ABC 774. Her first interview will be with Marie Vassallo.

A suggestion for members is when they take rugs to local institutions they have a photo taken and ask for a story of the past. The photo could then be sent to the CWA magazine. CWA Victoria is asking members to knit, crochet or sew cuddly toys, about four or five inches (10cms or 12.5cms) or smaller, in realistic colours for the ACWW world conference in Melbourne. Patterns will be printed in CWA magazines. Members are advised that crocheted rugs and material shopping bags sell well and to send copies of favourite biscuit recipes to

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Beulah members started the September meeting with a craft segment, knitting articles for charity. 

At the general meeting which followed, members were advised of coming events. The Central Wimmera group craft day will be held at Murtoa on September 27, 10am. Members will tackle speed craft. The Warracknabeal A & P Society show is on October 6, at which the branch will enter the CWA section.

Branch member Gaye Sanders reported on the trip members made to Boort,  highlighting the works of the "Spannerman" and garden area. Gaye described the day as enjoyable. Group secretary and Beulah member, Jenni Turnbull, reported on the CWA Victoria performing arts event held at Swan Hill in August, again speaking of the many talents that CWA members have.

The next meeting will be held on October 20 at the Victoria Hotel, Beulah, starting at 10am. The annual and general meetings and lunch will follow. 

Competition results: cookery, Ellie Davies, Valda Hunter; flowers, Jenni Mitchell, Gwen George and Jenni Turnbull; craft, Valda Hunter, Gwen George and Jenni Mitchell.

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September 21: Drung South, 9.30am, craft; 1pm, general meeting, cooking demonstration; competition, knitted beanie for charity. Nhill Twilight, 7.30pm, guest speaker; roll call, your first holiday.

September 23: Dimboola, activity ideas for 2017; competition, something my mother gave me.

September 28: Dunmunkle, 51st birthday, lunch at Emma's Cafe, roll call, my  birthstone; competitions, handmade birthday card, interesting CWA tea towel, single and multiple bloom.

AUDREY HOFFMANN is Central and West Wimmera Groups CWA  publicity officer, 

For further details about the Country Women’s Association phone Audrey on 5398 1694.

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