HDFNL club best and fairest awards



Best and fairest, best under-21 player and best in finals – Eric Guthrie 

Runner-up best and fairest – William Plush

Most determined – Murray Staude

Most improved – Luke Merryfull 

Coaches award – Callum Hobbs

Most consistent – Hamish Ellis

A Grade

Best and fairest and best in finals – Ebonie Salter

Runner-up best and fairest – Megan Russell 

Best team player – Janelle Knight 

Most consistent – Sarah Langley 

Southern Mallee Giants 


Best and Fairest - Haydn Drew

Runner-up - Kain Robins

Most consistent - Sam Weddell

Most improved - Lou White

Most determined - Clint Burdett

Best utility - Liam Price

Coaches award - Rory Shannon

A Grade

Best and Fairest - Emma Uebergang

Runner-up best and fairest - Amy Walder

Coaches Award - Zali Brown



Best and Fairest – Shannon Argall 

Runner-up - Todd Heynen

Most consistent - Cam Streeter

Most determined - Brett Ervin

Best team man - Gerard Matthews

A Grade 

Best and fairest – Ema Iredell 

Runner-up – Caitlin Story 

Third runner-up – Nikki Ervin 

Coaches award – Jessica Hernon 



Best and fairest – Luke Murphy

Runner up – Sam Cranna 

Leading goal kicker – Ash Clugston

Most determined – Ben Marra

Most consistent – Heath Clugston

Best team man – Tyler Edelsten 

Coaches award – Jayden Werner 

A Grade

Best and fairest – Maddison Marra 

Runner-up – Claire Schulz 

Coaches award – Alex Hewitt 



Best and fairest – Addison Milner 

Runner-up – Chris Oliver 

Most consistent – Matthew Butler 

Most improved – Dale Smith 

Best under-21 player – George Walker 

Most determined – Bernard Kealy 

A Grade 

Best and fairest – Alex Lang 

Runner-up and best in finals – Teagan Lang 

Coaches award – Sacha McDonald 



Best and fairest – Paul Trotter 

Runner-up – Jordan May 

Third best – Timothy Tyler 

Fourth best – Mark Tickner

Coaches award – Jayden Walters 

A Grade 

Best and fairest – Jenna Bywaters

Runner-up – Jodie Hayes and Chelsea Robinson 

Third best – Blair Burke 

Coaches award – Chelsea Robinson 

Natimuk United 

Seniors *unable to be contacted by deadline

A Grade 

Best and fairest – Emily Hateley 

Runner-up – Cheryl Sudholz and Shannon Couch 

Third best – Michelle Trigg 



Best and fairest – Shane Oakley 

Runner-up – Todd Klemm

Most determined – Dustin Cross

Most valuable – Jack Vague 

Most consistent – Shane Oakley 

Most improved – Tyler Snowden 

Best first year – Bailey McQueen

Coaches award – Nick Jenner

Leading goal kicker – Shane Oakley 

A Grade

Best and fairest - Brooke Pay

Runner up - Carly Creek

Most consistent – Yolly Francis

Coaches award - Jane Tucker



Best and fairest – Daniel Baker

Runner-up and leading goal kicker – Pat Knott

Most consistent - Matt Ward

Most determined – Todd O’Connor 

Most improved – Dylan Arnott

Best utility – Liam Jakobi 

Best first year player – Brayden Helyar

Coaches award – Jake Gaulke

A Grade 

Best and fairest – Marnie Lehmann

Runner-up – Kylie Helyar

Most consistent – Brianna Luciana 

Coaches award – Renee Clarkson


Best and fairest - Scott Carey

Runner-up – Sean Mantell 

Goal kicker - Andrew Cameron

Most consistent – Nicholas Pickering

Rising star –  Corey Prydderch

Coaches award –  Blake Swain

Best first year player - Jakeb Brown

Taylors Lake 

Best and fairest – Deek Roberts

Runner-up – Pat Purcell 

Third best – Jye Smith 

Most determined – Henry Johnson

Leading goal kicker – Gavin Kelm 

Best utility – Jack McRae 

Most courageous – Ben Roberts 

Coaches award – Nathan Koenig 

Best defender – Alexander Hill 



Best and fairest – Steve Schultz 

Runner-up and best first year – Hugo Papst 

Most consistent – Josh Mibus 

Most determined – Daniel Schache Most improved – Adam Atwood Coaches award – Nicholas Jasper 

A Grade

Best and fairest – Millie McRae Runner-up – Melissa Beddison and Tara Jasper 

Third best – Melanie Schultz  Coaches award – Melissa Beddison 

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