Horsham Magistrate's Court: Shane Klose, Mark Taylor

​A SELF-confessed “meth-head” has told Horsham Magistrate’s Court he was trying to get help for his long term drug addiction.

South Australia’s Shane Conrad Klose appeared in court on Wednesday after being charged with drug use and possession.

“I have no excuse,” he said. “I’m a meth-head.”

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Michelle Wentworth said that on July 23 at 2.41am police intercepted a white Ford Laser near Horsham.

She said Klose was the passenger in the car and he was holding a Royal Hotel stubby holder with a small bag methamphetamine hidden under a can of whiskey and wrapped in a receipt. 

“I just need it to basically function,” Klose said.

Senior Constable Wentworth said that on August 20, while Klose was on bail, police intercepted Klose in a vehicle on Natimuk Road, Horsham. 

She said officers located a tin with bags containing 0.11 grams and 0.06 grams of MDMA and a smoking pipe with ‘sweet puff’ written on it. 

Klose was fined $1000 without conviction.

AN ARARAT man who claimed to use cannabis to ease his long-term back pain has pleaded guilty to drug-driving. 

Mark Taylor, 24, appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Senior Constable Wentworth said officers intercepted Taylor when he was driving on Baillie Street, Horsham at 9.15am on June 6. 

She said methamphetamine and cannabis were detected in Taylor’s system. 

Taylor told police he used cannabis to manage pain after he fell through a roof and injured his back, but was not aware methamphetamine was mixed with the cannabis.

Magistrate Cynthia Toose said Taylor had driven while his driver’s license was suspended twice, was a “speeder” and had been previously been caught drug-driving.

“You are precisely the sort of person we don’t want on our roads,” she said. “You’re a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road.”

Ms Toose cancelled and disqualified Taylor’s driver’s licence for six months, and fined his $1000 with conviction. 

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