Ryan Hourigan, Roy Coomber face Horsham Magistrate's Court

A HOSHAM man’s friend who repeatedly and drunkenly blew into an interlock device almost ruined the chance of having the device removed. 

Ryan Hourigan faced Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday with an application to remove an interlock device from his car. 

Magistrate Cynthia Toose granted the application.

The court heard the interlock device imposed on Hourigan after a previous offence, had registered a blood alcohol concentration of 0.02 or more on 11 occasions. 

Hourigan presented a letter to court from a friend who admitted he had blown into the device a couple of times. 

"I’d gone to his house and had a few drinks and left the car there,” Hourigan said. 

“He’s attempted to move the car in the morning, blown into it and it’s been unable to move.” 

Hourigan said his friend blew into the device while not seated in the car and no photo was recorded.

“I was unaware of any reading without a photo until I went to get an assessment done,” Hourigan said. 

“Only then did I realised when there was a photo of a high BAC and ten minutes later a photo of me blowing 0.00.” 

A P-PLATER who claimed to be driving to have an interlock device fitted has been given a $1500 fine for repeatedly failing to comply. 

Roy Coomber faced Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. Police prosecutor Senior Constable Michelle Wentworth said that on July 26 at 4.40pm police intercepted a white Holden sedan travelling east on the Western Highway.  

She said Coomber had an interlock condition imposed on his driver’s licence. 

Police noted Coomber’s car had no interlock or P-plates fitted. 

Senior Constable Wentworth said that on August 4 at 2.43pm Coomber was intercepted by police driving east on Dimboola Road, Horsham. 

Coomber told officers he was on his way to an auto electrician to have the device fitted.

Ms Toose said she would give Coomber the benefit of the doubt. 

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