Wimmera recreational water to boost tourism

Taylors Lake is at 104 per cent.

Taylors Lake is at 104 per cent.

RECREATIONAL water could lead to a boost in tourism in the region this summer.

Heavy rain has also meant waterfalls in the Grampians National Park are thriving and attracting more visitors to the park.

Green Lake Action Group spokesman Russell Peucker said the lake was looking excellent, after being almost dry a few months ago.

The lake was sitting at 57 per cent on Wednesday and Mr Peucker said water was still running in.

GWMWater has been diverting flows to Green Lake from Taylors Lake and Lake Wartook, which are both at 104 per cent.

Mr Peucker said usable lakes benefited the whole region.

“Green Lake is looking fantastic,” he said. “It will be usable for summer and quite a few recreational people are very excited.

“It really is the gateway to the region and a good place to showcase what the Wimmera has to offer.

“When it’s dry, it’s depressing for everyone going between Melbourne and Adelaide, but when it’s full, it tells the travelling public that we are open for business.”

Mr Peucker said the lake often created a boom in tourism.

“It will have a spin-off effect for lakes that aren’t on the highway like Fyans and Toolondo,” he said.

Grampians Tourism chief executive Will Flamsteed said good visitors numbers had been flocking to the park so far these school holidays.

“I was important we had a nice fine weekend and there has been a lot of positive feedback from our industry that bookings have come in, which is good,” he said.

Heavy rain earlier this month caused the park to close for three days.

Mr Flamsteed said despite the closure, tourism was not negatively effected.

“School holidays is when we really benefit,” he said.

Mr Flamsteed said all the waterfalls in the region looked magnificent.

“It’s a really spectacular site – MacKenzie Falls, Silverband Falls and even Beehive Falls are all flowing well,” he said.

He said the region was bracing for more visitors at the weekend with the AFL grand final public holiday.

“The last weekend of the holidays is usually really good and a lot of people would use the grand final weekend as a good excuse for a quick break,” he said.

“What better place to take a break than in the Grampians.” Wimmera Catchment Management Authority chief executive David Brennan said water in the Wimmera River was flowing into Lake Hindmarsh.

“There is starting to be a significant amount of water in the lake – it’s turning into the wetland it used to be,” he said. Mr Brennan said it would be great for the community if the lake filled.

“It’s a really important spot for tourism and recreational activities,” he said.

“It’s not only Victoria’s largest freshwater wetland, it is also the lake that needs to be full before water can go to Lake Albacutya.”

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