Horsham's Matthew Butt loses licences

Matthew Butt appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday

Matthew Butt appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday

A HORSHAM man had a disqualified licence and had taken ice the day before he drove into another car while speeding, a court has heard.

Matthew Butt appeared in Horsham Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday and pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified, towing an unregistered trailer, refusing an oral fluid test, speeding and careless driving.

The court heard Butt was driving east on the Western Highway at Pimpinio about 6pm on September 23. 

He was towing an unregistered trailer.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Belinda Ryan said there was reduced speed limits in place at the time, meaning travellers on part of the road could drive at 40 kilometres an hour.

She said Butt was still travelling at 100km/h when he reached the 40km/h zone. 

She said Butt fell asleep and woke to find himself rapidly approaching a vehicle in front of him. 

The driver of the other vehicle saw Butt approaching and tried to pull to the left. 

The front passenger side of Butt’s vehicle hit the back right of the other car, causing it to roll. Butt’s car came to a rest in the westbound lane of the highway about 53 metres down the road. The driver of the other vehicle had minor injuries.

Butt was given a preliminary drug test, which showed he had an illicit drug in his system. He refused to accompany police to the station for a second test.

Butt told police he used ice the day before and he became drowsy if he didn’t use if everyday.

Magistrate Mark Stratmann said Butt’s actions were a cocktail for disaster. 

He order Butt to undertake a community corrections order for 12 months.

Butt was fined $2619.90 and lost his driver’s licence for a year.

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