Dispute with Telstra drags nearly three months

COROMBY resident Val Gregory has resolved a two and a half-month dispute with Telstra that left her without a landline phone connection.

In February, Mrs Gregory reported a crackling on her telephone to Telstra, which discovered faults with the cabling to her and her neighbour's house.

She said it had been a comical process to have Telstra fix the phone line on Wednesday.

Telstra provided Mrs Gregory with an interim phone but unintentionally disconnected that without telling her before fixing the landline.

"This was funny, we were killing ourselves in the beginning laughing, but then it was not very nice," she said.

"I really need phone access because I have medical alerts and you obviously don't get those for nothing.

"When we got the interim phone it was to be delivered to us at one o'clock in the morning by a courier from Melbourne.

"He told them in no uncertain terms that he would not go to someone's home at 1am and would stay at a motel and deliver it at 8am the next morning."

Mrs Gregory said she was glad to be back on the air with a working landline phone.