What the gossip mags say this week

Always a winner at the Olympics ... condoms in the athletes village.
Always a winner at the Olympics ... condoms in the athletes village.

IT'S a very real statistic that at the latest Olympic Games, among the supplies for the athletes were a staggering 150,000 condoms. Not each, of course, but to share. It seems after years of training, training and more training (and the occasional picture opportunity in gun shops) the competitors apparently like to ''let off a little steam'' and socialise. Horizontally. A lot. It comes as little surprise then to see New Idea's cover this week promising all the news on the ''Hot Hook Ups'' and ''Olympic Love Shocks''. Strangely, however, it's all a bit tepid, with no reports of wild orgies. Australian beach volleyballer Natalie Cook is hoping to have a baby with her partner Sarah Maxwell, swimmer Christian Sprenger has proposed to his girlfriend using (no kidding) the knotted drawstring from his budgie smugglers as the ring, there's a pic of Steph Rice sitting next to Kobe Bryant (''her management have denied the romance rumours'') and that's about it.

To be fair though, it does seem to be something of a week for rampant hyperbole, with Famous quoting a tearful Posh Spice as saying: ''He's left me''. ''He'' is husband David Beckham and the ''left me'' bit seems to be because he's gone motorbike riding with his mate Gordon Ramsay.

''Mary's family under siege'' announces Woman's Day, before explaining the ''siege'' is from an utterly inconsequential blogger that Princess Mary is ''unlikely to take much notice'' of.

Then there's Famous and its speculation Katy Perry and John Mayer have been secretly dating for years, possibly even through her marriage to Russell Brand. ''That would certainly explain why the notorious womaniser [Mayer] unexpectedly vanished off the dating scene two years ago,'' they surmise, jumping past the far more obvious reason, that Mayer himself said he was laying low after a series of ''really dumb'' interviews including one where he called his penis ''a white supremacist''.

And finally, condolences to NW for its exclusive revelation that Jennifer Aniston's boyfriend Justin Theroux has been caught out with another woman. ''Unlucky-in-love Jennifer just can't catch a break,'' it reports. How strange then that just as the magazine was hitting the stands, ''devastated'' Jen was announcing she and Justin were engaged. We expect to see a backflip of truly Olympic proportions next week. Possibly impressive enough for New Idea to cover.

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