Wimmera children learn about dinosaurs, Australian animals during Museum Victoria visit

WIMMERA children enjoyed learning about dinosaurs and Australian animals this week following a series of visits by Museum Victoria.

Several children’s learning centres have benefited from the outreach program.

Natimuk Road Kindergarten teacher Kylie Donnell said her pupils, aged four to five years, had revelled in the experience.

“Amy Briese was a brilliant presenter who shared some amazing facts and had a huge range of museum treasure to show us,” she said.

On Tuesday, the group learnt about dinosaurs and fossils.

Mrs Donnell said Ms Briese brought parts of a chindesaurus for children to explore.

“She brought in its head, foot and two parts of its leg, and a heap of fossils,” she said.

“The children could touch and freely explore everything after she talked about it.”

Mrs Donnell said the children compared the size of their feet and legs with those of the dinosaur.

“Amy also had some real dinosaur poo,” she said.

Years of weathering had turned it to rock.

She said the children delighted in the realisation some prehistoric dinosaur bodily functions weren’t so different from those of modern humans.

The Museum Victoria road show returned to the kindergarten on Wednesday, with a focus on Australian animals.

Mrs Donnell said a green sea turtle shell, which children could wear on their backs, was a favourite.

“It was the perfect size – it fitted them,” she said.

Mrs Donnell said children went home with countless interesting facts.

“We want the kids to gain awareness and knowledge about the world and to promote a thirst for learning through discovery,” she said.

Mrs Donnell said Museum Victoria’s visit had achieved that and wished the program could have continued for several more days.


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