Wimmera police call for caution

THREE crashes on Wimmera roads resulted in people being hospitalised during the Queen's Birthday long weekend.

Wimmera Superintendent Graham Kent said all three incidents caused serious but non-life threatening injuries.

"One of those was on the Wimmera Highway at Edenhope on Saturday," he said.

He said a Taiwanese tourist was air-lifted to a Melbourne hospital after the car he was in ran off the road.

Police are still investigating the cause of the incident.

"There were four other people in the vehicle," Mr Kent said.

A motorcyclist was also seriously injured in an off-road incident near Harrow on Saturday.

"Again, that person had to be air-lifted to hospital, in Naracoorte, I believe," Mr Kent said.

"We're seeing a number of these off-road incidents, and they are a concern.

"As well as urging caution on the road, we're really asking for people riding motorcycles recreationally off-road to be careful. It is a high-risk activity.

Mr Kent said the driver of a car travelling near Willaura on Saturday was hospitalised after trying to dodge a kangaroo.

"The car went off the road and into a culvert," he said.

"There was also a minor collision on Saturday morning in Horsham, where one of our officers was parked on the side of the road talking to a motorist when another motorist clipped the back of the police car.

"No one was injured and there was just some minor damage to the police car and the other car."

Mr Kent said speeding was the other outstanding feature from road policing efforts during the long weekend.

"There were 144 detected offences in Wimmera division, including four drug or alcohol-affected drivers," he said.

"Most of those were related to speeding, including speeding in a range of less than 10 kilometres an hour over the limit.

"People need to know we will continue to focus in that area because the collision and trauma data tells us that's a high-risk activity."

Mr Kent said the bulk of the detected speeding offences involved exceeding the speed limit by 10 to 25 kilometres.

"It's a huge concern, particularly in the case of the major highways for the volume of traffic," he said.

Mr Kent said other concerns included the condition of smaller roads and the prevalence of kangaroos and wildlife.

"If you add to that the long distances people travel, the fatigue factor compounds those risks," he said.

"Stick within the posted limits, modify your speed so you are driving according to the conditions, and take regular breaks."


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