A Mum's World: Spelling list coup

I PROMISE not to be parsimonious with my words this week as I attempt to use every word on Katianna’s year six spelling list – printed here in bold type – from last week’s spelling test. 

It will be no coincidence that this produces an atrocious column and my family might want to go about their lives incognito for a few days after publication – until the memory of reading it becomes less odorous on the nose and is thought of in a more jovial fashion. 

Attempting this challenge might be called precocious if I actually understood each and every word, but the difficulty of these spelling words is prohibitive on my intellect and has me turning to my dictionary regularly to decipher the meanings. 

As it is an idiosyncrasy of mine to love playing with words, it is no coincidence that Katianna’s spelling list often gets me giggling, so there has been no need for any coercion when it comes to playing with lovely words like immobilise and innuendo – just delicious. 

Sociable Katianna is just as co-operative when completing her homework and enjoys spelling her words aloud. I am forced to stare at the list as though undergoing hypnosis lest I lose track of the proper spelling letter by letter. 

The constant responsibility of learning to spell lists of words can take on a corrosive power, attacking a mother of three’s state of mind near term’s end, so a break and change of locality will provide a holiday from the stoicism required to ‘keep calm and carry on’. 

Should I worry that all the spectacular spelling words incorporated into today’s work might, in fact, make my usual offering seem quite woebegone? I hope not. 

It’s been a long term and I’m tired now. Enjoy the break from school everyone.


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