Member for Mallee Andrew Broad: Equity is a 'communist' ideal | Video

Member for Mallee Andrew Broad. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
Member for Mallee Andrew Broad. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

MEMBER for Mallee Andrew Broad has labelled those who believe it is the government's job to create a more equal society are at risk of promoting communist ideology.

Speaking to Fairfax Media, Mr Broad said he believed it was government's role to create a level of opportunity at a starting point.

"I think this idea that it's the government's role to make equality - well that's actually a communist aim where you lower everyone to the same level," he said.

"People should have a first-rate education and country areas, for example, should have equal access to facilities."

Mr Broad said people should be rewarded for their endeavour.

"Honestly, if you start two people at the same level, one will succeed further than the other," he said.

"Having a controlled capitalist society, which we do have in Australia, allows the individual pursuits of people to grow wealth and that growth then grows the country's wealth.

"So the issue of fairness - we are not a communist country, we've just got to have a fair level of starting point."

Mr Broad said people who pushed for government-fuelled equality were at risk of spouting communist ideology.

"It is the battle of ideologies, but at the end of the day wealth is created by encouraging people to have personal endeavour," he said.

"If you can work harder you should be rewarded for working harder.

"If there's no incentive or no reward for additional work then people won't."

Mr Broad said people in Mallee were digesting how the budget might affect them.

He said national affairs including refugee policy and budget fairness were also a focus for his constituents.


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