Horsham Caravan Park redevelopment backed by former manager Tony Brown

Horsham Caravan Park. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER
Horsham Caravan Park. Picture: PAUL CARRACHER

A FORMER Horsham Caravan Park manager has backed Horsham Rural City Council’s concerns about the park’s redevelopment.

Councillors decided last week to resolve issues with the park before starting the tender processes for the park’s long-term lease.

Cr Tony Phelan highlighted proposed new cabins and a safety fence along the river as issues that needed to be addressed. 

Former caravan park manager Tony Brown said the park’s cabins were second-rate and needed replacing.

“In the time we were there they had been painted, had new fridges and a lot of other cosmetic jobs done to make them a little presentable,” he said.

“I asked council to build a fence between the gardens and the tennis courts to stop vandals trashing people’s belongings while at the park and we also had the fence built around the house and office.

“Everything we asked council to do was done.”

Mr Brown said the Department of Sustainability and Environment previously blocked a fence along the riverside.

“They said in flood time, a fence could restrict the water flow and cause serious problems,” he said.

However, Mr Brown said other issues with the park still needed to be addressed.

“There is a real need for the park to have a boom barrier or drop-down barrier at the main gate,” he said.

Mr Brown said this would stop people coming in late at night and leaving early without paying.

“Another issue is the cost to stay at the park – it is far too excessive for what is offered,” he said.

“Take Murtoa, Minyip and Rupanyup parks for instance – they are little, well maintained, with great amenities and half the cost.”

A Development Vision Plan created in 2013 said the park infrastructure was tired and needed upgrading.

Upgrades proposed included new cabins, toilet and laundry block and upgrades to the internal road network.

Cr Phelan said cabins and a fence along the river could change the presentation of the park from the river and could also block the view of the river for other park users.

“These issues were raised when we decided to go ahead with the long-term lease, and before we progress we need to establish a council view about these issues,” he said.


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