Kalkee are too good again

Action at the Horsham District Football League grand final at Horsham City Oval. Picture: SAMANTHA CAMARRI
Action at the Horsham District Football League grand final at Horsham City Oval. Picture: SAMANTHA CAMARRI

KALKEE knows how to win finals.

It has showed in the past it has the nous to claw its way back from precarious situations, and was forced to do the same again on Saturday.

Edenhope-Apsley made an impressive start to the 2012 Horsham District Football League grand final at Horsham City Oval.

The Saints weren't overawed by the occasion, displaying their impressive ability to run the ball early.

Addison Milner kicked the opening goal of the match, only for Kalkee's Adam Carter to answer at the other end.

However it was Edenhope-Apsley who was dictating the play.

Saints ruckman Michael Ryan was on top and Tim Carter was dominating in the midfield.

James Dixon, who was kept goal-less in his last match against Kalkee, made an impact early.

He kicked three first-quarter goals- including one snap around his body and another from a high-flying mark in front of goal.

The Kees were under pressure, which was evident when an uncharacteristic wayward kick out of defence from Josh Mibus went straight to Saint Tim Adams, who calmly delivered a goal.

Adam Carter was one of the only Kees having an impact.

He kicked two first quarter goals and should have had a third.

He marked in front of goal but was caught when trying to play on.

At quarter time Kalkee coach Matt Beddison urged his side to lift its work-rate as they stared down a 27-point deficit.

Kalkee did lift.

It kicked the first two goals of the second quarter through Ben Webster and Tim Wade.

Adam Carter looked set to make it three, but was tackled by Saints defender Mark Riley as he ran into an open goal.

The Saints managed to get the next goal, through Michael Crilly, to put them 21 points ahead.

Kalkee kept coming, kicking four unanswered goals to grab the lead and control of the match.

Webster kicked three goals for the quarter, with his last a spectacular snap over his head to put the Kees seven points in front at half time.

Edenhope-Apsley kicked the opening two goals of the third term to regain the lead, but the rest of the quarter belonged to Kalkee.

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Beddison said he couldn't have asked for more from his team.

"Our third quarter of footy was the best we've played all year," he said.

The Kees piled on five unanswered goals, with Josh Beddison and Brendan McDonald kicking two each.

Kalkee got on top in the midfield and were looking dangerous.

Saint Taylor Milner had a shot on goal after the siren, but missed.

It gave the Kees a 24-point lead at the last change.

Edenhope-Apsley coach Brian Cassidy implored his side to keep fighting at the break.

"We can still win this," he said.

The Saints moved Dixon to one-out at full forward in the final term.

It appeared it could be a match-winning move when Dixon snagged two early goals, which included his 100th goal of the season.

The margin was back to 11 points and the Saints were charging home.

Saint Dylan Vanzini had a snap on goal it looked home and had the crowd on its feet.

But Mibus who won the VCFL medal for best on ground marked it on the last line of defence.

Mibus repelled countless Saints attacks in the final term, with his exceptional ability to read the play on show.

Kalkee only managed one goal in the final term, kicked by Ben Webster, but it was all it needed as it held on to record a 16-point win.