Jennifer Aniston is 'pregnant'...

Jennifer Aniston is filmed with a very pregnant belly - sending up persistent tabloid rumours. <i>Source: Smartwater</i>
Jennifer Aniston is filmed with a very pregnant belly - sending up persistent tabloid rumours. Source: Smartwater
Jennifer Aniston's 'real' hair in the spoof ad. <i>Source: Smartwater</i>

Jennifer Aniston's 'real' hair in the spoof ad. Source: Smartwater

That was quick work. Just weeks after announcing her engagement, Jennifer Aniston appears to be very heavily pregnant with triplets - for a new TV commercial with comedian Jimmy Kimmel, that is.

Proving that she is a good sport, the actress has turned the tables on persistent tabloid rumours suggesting that Aniston, 43, who is newly engaged to Justin Theroux, is pregnant.

The satirical US commercial - or cheap trick - is framed as a 'leaked' home security video from the Wanderlust star's home.

It opens with American Idol host Ryan Seacrest presenting a news story about the security tape from Aniston's house. "From inside the actress' home, shocking revelations," Seacrest tells the cameras.

The viral video features the actress taking off a stomach-flattening pad to reveal a bulging belly. Lifting her shirt to expose her large baby bump, she asks her unborn children, "How are my little triplets doing?".

Kimmel makes an appearance in the video as Aniston's grown-up son in a scene around a backyard swimming pool, which is being filled with bottles of Smartwater.

Aniston is later seen revealing the secret to her picture-perfect hair as she removes a wig to show her 'real' dark locks - curly tresses that have been kept hidden from the public all these years.

The advert for the Glaceau softdrink also features the brand's spokeswoman appearing to crash a car, and, in another spoof take on rumours surrounding her private life, hiring trainers to lift her up and down during work-out sessions.

Aniston and Theroux became engaged in July, quelling onlookers' doubts as to whether the Friends star would remarry following her much-publicised acrimonious split from Brad Pitt in 2005.


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