Kim Kardashian has babies on the brain

The next generation ... Kim Kardashian is thinking about the future.
The next generation ... Kim Kardashian is thinking about the future.

A candid, surprisingly chilled and chamomile-tea sipping Kim Kardashian spoke babies, Paris and how close she was to freezing her eggs on a fleeting visit to Sydney today ahead of her special guest appearance at a party to re-launch the E! Entertainment TV channel logo - it’s now called E! Pop of Culture - at Neild Avenue in Rushcutters Bay tonight.

There was no trace of the reality TV star’s last stressed visit to Sydney when the manic cut-short trip coincided right at the crisis point when the tabloid world went into meltdown after discovering her marriage to basketballer Kris Humphries had hit the skids after 72 days.

Nor any stress over the morning's dramas which saw her whisked through the loading dock at Sydney airport to escape prying lenses, after a plane delay via Brisbane. Not to mention a lost suitcase which almost didn’t make it - ‘‘OMG thank you so much Quantas [sic]’’ she tweeted - averting a near fashion disaster.

As the most famous member of reality TV juggernaut, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, now in its seventh season on Foxtel having shot more episodes than I Love Lucy, the 31-year-old reality TV star has learned the hard way the dividing line about keeping aspects of her life private part and still connecting with her 16-million-plus fans.

And although we can’t talk Kanye (her latest romance), the newly loved-up Kardashian has babies on the brain. And she’s surprisingly willing to share.

‘‘I was thinking about freezing my eggs - really, I wanted information,’’ she says revealing she started the scientific process but stopped just before she was about to inject herself with hormones needed to produce ovulation.

‘‘I was really going for [sister] Khloe at first - so that’s why I went there and once I started seeing the information and all the charts about how your eggs are the best they’ll ever be right now - it got me thinking.’’

Her sister Khloe’s fertility struggles have been well documented since she wed sportsman Lamar Odom three years ago.

‘‘I started the process and then I stopped the process soon after - just before the injections - I stopped because I wanted to help Khloe through that, I thought, lets focus on Khloe first and I still wasn’t sure that’s what I really wanted to do. So I stopped the process.’’

‘‘The amount of information I learned just going there was fascinating - it is so amazing the technology we have and all the tests that can be done to see what your issues are and Khloe’s issues, just the fact they are fixing it now is amazing. Its so important to know.’’

Kim has been vocal about her desire to start a family and her urgency to re-create the upbringing she has had with five siblings.

It’s clear things have changed since her first visit here, which she says feels like ‘‘a lifetime ago’’. On that trip, she headed to Bondi Beach with then best friend Paris Hilton - whose own reality television fortunes have since spiralled downwards.

‘‘It really feels like a lifetime ago! That was my first trip I remember with Paris. I think in the beginning we had no idea of what we were really doing....we really had no clue,’’ she says.

‘‘I think now we are so comfortable in front of the cameras that we just share our lives and we said that from the beginning, and we got more comfortable and more comfortable as time went on - and you learn your boundaries - and what you're comfortable with - it's not like sign on and show everything in your life - it's not what our deal is - but we feel really comfortable and confident now.’’

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