Pink's Sydney house pelted with eggs

Fortress ... Pink's northern beaches rental home (foreground).
Fortress ... Pink's northern beaches rental home (foreground).

Pink came under attack when her Sydney house was "egged" last night.

The singer received a rather nasty surprise when she woke yesterday to discover her home had been hit by 12 eggs.

She is living on Sydney's Northern Beaches while she tours Australia.

She also received a more friendly welcome to her new neighbourhood in the form of some home baked Australian biscuits.

"We got a lovely welcome to the neighbourhood last night with a dozen eggs thrown at our door!" Pink tweeted. "But we also got an Anzac slice so it's all good."

The down-to-earth songstress later joked that she felt the egging was justified. When she was challenged by a follower on the social networking site for allegedly giving Australians a bad name she replied that the incident did not really bother her that much.

"@Pink giving the Aussies like us who adore you a bad name" to which she replied. "aww not true:) I would egg me too hhahaha. (sic)"

The singer is in Australia promoting her new album The Truth About Love.

She seems to be enjoying her time in the country and shared a photograph of one of Australia's sunny beaches along with a caption describing it as an ideal location.

"Little slice of heaven:)" Pink gushed.


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